Yearling English Cocker with a rehabbed retrieve enjoying a beautiful working expedition with his owner during transfer training

One of the many pups started at ADDR, chewing a stick up on his place board
Young Brody (4 month old) on his first off leash expedition to the lake with "his kids" during owner transfer training

Puppy Camp: Starting Things Right
For pups from 4 - 8 months

All of the dog training programs at ADDR contain the core nine pieces:

  • Household manners
  • Handling manners
  • Building balanced, confident behavior with humans and dogs
  • Novice level obedience commands
  • Full offleash reliability
  • Leash manners
  • Distraction training in public
  • Management plan to meet your individual needs
  • Nutrition counseling

All of the dog training programs at ADDR also include a day and a half owner training at the end of the program AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE and a lifetime guarantee of availability to answer questions and troubleshoot scenarios to insure that what your dog has learned goes home with you and doesn’t just stay here at the ranch! I want everything your dog has mastered here at the ranch to transfer to your home setting. We are known nationwide for our pioneering owner transfer training, and thoroughly enjoy our time building that connection between you and your dog.

Puppy training: START THEM RIGHT!!!!

It’s so much easier to BUILD behaviors than to UNDO behaviors. I love having the fresh slate youngsters. They are a blast and soak up learning like a sponge. You’ll be amazed at what they can master at age appropriate levels.

For the young pups, I still expect them to master all the core dog training basics. It’s just that the curriculum may be slowed down and broken apart into smaller pieces of less complexity. And, we want to keep the focus on fun and motivation to build a desire to learn and please. THESE ARE BABIES, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how to behave and behave well. The earlier we start, the BETTER.

Key differences in how I work with the babies depending on the puppy's age:

How long I work with the puppies at a time, shorter sessions, more repetitions for the puppies;

  • The level of precision expected may not be quite as tight, for e.g. loose leash walking for a 4 month old, vs. more precision heeling for an 8 month old;
  • Durations are shorter, for e.g. a 2 minute sit or down for a 4 month old, vs. a 10 minute sit or down for an 8 month old;
  • We may plateau at certain levels and repeat more for younger pups than older dogs;
  • Complexity of distractions in public may be brought on slower.

YOUR PUPPY HAS KEY DEVELOPMENTAL PERIODS JUST LIKE A CHILD. Let a dog training pro take advantage of using those key time periods to best advantage. There is a profound difference to the maturity of a pup who has been socialized and dog trained well and correctly at a young age to one who has not. Your pup grows from success to success.

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Dog Training Programs

AZ Doggy Dude Ranch Dogs..

Arizona Doggy Dude Ranch Dogs Learn To:

  • Come when called every time...on or off leash!
  • Sit or down when asked...for as long as you want!
  • Walk like a gentleman or lady on a loose leash!
  • Pay attention when you need them!
  • Be wonderfully well-mannered pets inside and outside the home!


Shellie Ferguson

hot-dogHi there -

Thought I'd send a quick pic and an update on Brody since he has hit his one year anniversary from "boot camp" already.



AngelsThe girls were so good in the car and also at the rest stop....

What a wonderful, exhilerating, educational, awe-inspiring experience we had with you.  You certainly exceeded our expectations with the girls.


Marc Goldberg - CDT

Marc GoldbergMaryna has an amazing touch with both dogs and people. Rarely does one dog trainer ever permit another to work with his dogs. Dog trainers are very particular about how their pets are handled. Maryna has worked with my own dogs at my request.
Even though I have been training dogs for over 30 years, in just a few moments, Maryna taught my pets a few new tricks, calming them significantly and quickly. What pleased me most was how gentle and loving Maryna treats dogs. They respond to her very quickly with trust and love.



EmmaJust a note to let you know that Emma (and I !!) are doing very well....we walk every day and she does a great job in sitting and staying...and quite well at heeling....


Deb Tollefson

Deb Tollefson, Retired
Veterinary Technician
Office Manager, Co-owner--Veterinary Clinic
I am sharing something with you that you may or may not be interested in, but I was so impressed yesterday at what I observed that I just couldn't sit on it.
My friend Maryna, who has been keeping my neck and back healthy for years, has a home full of her own very well-behaved dogs. I was always impressed that they never tried to jump on me and always responded so well when given commands. Mostly, if they were in the house they just looked up from their appointed resting places, and then ignored me.

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